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Welcome to Redefining Normal and Wellness! Everyone is welcome to join.

This group is a toolbox. Use any or all of the tools presented here as you need them. Share tools you find helpful. Join any or all of the daily threads with your own wellness, activities of daily living, goals and achievements

The greatest injustice of this world is the lie that unless we meet some unrealistic ideal we are broken and need to be fixed. It serves to keep us divided while a small group of people benefit.

The truth is there is no one normal and our diversity makes us stronger. There are a trillion ways to make a life, and as many paths to get where we want to go. This is your life and your path.

This group upholds the UN social model of disability. We acknowledge that disability is a social construct and use our vote to break down barriers to full inclusion in society. Each member is unique, valued and self-directs their own life. Each member has inherent rights, but also responsibilities to be an active citizen.

This means we focus not on the problem but on the solution.

We encourage and support each other’s strengths and successes, with our individual well-being as the goal.

The beauty of this group is that it’s working for you, even if you’re not fully participating. Just knowing this group is here if you need us, cheering you on, is beneficial. Even if we’re not using it, it is a constant reminder to keep our rights and responsibilities balanced, too. It not only helps us claim our own wellness, recovery, goals and what they mean for us, but it also helps us to navigate our lives and redefine our own “normal”.

Each person is at a different stage of life. You are never behind. Some will use all of the tools here, and some will only use a few. You are exactly where you should be.

Daily threads are:
– gratitude
– challenge
– activities of daily living
– other daily threads as needed

We invite you to comment on any or all of the daily threads as you find helpful. Other posts you find helpful as they pertain to wellness may be approved.

This is not a crisis response or venting group. If you are in crisis, call your local crisis line or emergency services. Though we care, we do not have the resources to respond to emergencies here. Such posts will be deleted.

Confidentiality is important. We all must agree to leave what is said in here. The only time we will encourage a breach of confidentiality is if a member is at immediate risk of harming themselves or others.

NO ADVERTISING of any kind unless approved by moderators inside the group. This includes blogs, outside websites that advertise products, life coaching, non-evidence based treatments, AA related posts, or wellness products. Your post will not pass the filter and you will be removed.

If it’s not kind, don’t say it.

Thank you for joining us!