URJA Reveal & Winter Solstice Celebration Video Transcript.

Transcript of Urja.space Healer’s Marketplace new Platform Reveal & Winter Solstice Celebration December 21, 2021 at 1045 am EST time zone.

Replay available. 

1045am Intro & Grounding Renu Arora and Christine Cardoza 

1100am Winter Solstice Meditation for a new world Blashka Novotna from  https://www.blossomofhealth.com/meet-blashka

1120am Urja.space Demo by Renu Arora  and Christine Cardoza 

1140am Finale Song Blessing ‘Bright Side’ by Angela E. Saini  Angelasaini.com 

Hosted by Christine Cardoza & Virginia Maskell Fantasia   

Co-Founders for:

Healing Soul School 


Co-Hosted by Renu Arora 

Founder of the Accelerated Art Technique

Co-Founder for urja.space


Christine: Welcome, welcome to the Winter Solstice 2021 and to the reveal of urja.space. I am very, very excited to be here. So it’s myself, Christine Cardoza, co-founder of the Healing Soul school along with Virginia, and Renu Arora, one of our favourite healers and her healing modality – ART art, the accelerated release technique, and we are, as well as Kate, and the Neurocrew, we are the co-founders of this space. It’s a new platform, it’s a healing marketplace. It reminds me of, imagine we were all in one place and we have stalls or tables in like… a fair, so we are going to be able to connect with each other… It’s very similar to Facebook where there will be communities and an option for you to create a profile, but one extra piece is kind of like Etsy, it will be like Facebook and Etsy if they got married, and you will be able to sell things, sell your courses, or if you do sessions, if you have divination tools, or there are things that you want to market, that, maybe it’s your favourite book or something that really helped you… You’re going to be able to tie that to your profile as well, so that there is a little bit more direction on how to help people in whatever capacity that you do that. This is an open space, nonjudgmental… We are here for everybody. For those who maybe didn’t feel like they didn’t belong anywhere growing up, or if you felt alone or been wondering, “where is my soul tribe?”. We welcome, we welcome you. We are here to, in whatever capacity you need. We’re a community, we’re a village… more hands make light work so if you’re in our space, definitely it’s a great place to ask for help, there is someone here that can help you. It kind of feels like all the aunties have come together. We are putting on this beautiful space for people to come and whether it is to share what it is that you’re doing or you’re looking for some help out there, then there is going to be that opportunity for you to connect with people in the marketplace or in the profiles, or in the communities, which is really beautiful. So, myself, and Virginia at the healing social introduce us quickly and then I’ll share, uh… Renu, I’ll give you an opportunity to introduce you as well… We’re basically, we’re here for the energy healers and anyone in that community or those who are a soul-lead or heart-lead entrepreneur and you want to help others in some way of lifting them up. Virginia and I, our heart really is for entrepreneurs as we are entrepreneurs and we have been through the struggles and we really see your magic, and we see your pain as well from our own experience, and for me, I feel like helping those who really are in survival mode, and you really don’t know what those next steps are come and have a conversation. And it’s really just being able to put it together so that you shine brighter. I know that Renu is doing very similar things in her business as well so we’re just here together as a community working together. Renu, would you like to share what you do?

Renu: Absolutely! So, hi everybody, my name is Renu Arora, and I am a healer practitioner of a modality that I’ve created, as Christine said, it’s called the accelerated release technique. Um… I’m also an author of a book called the energy healin bible and my vision for Urja Space was, and is, and the point of the energy healing bible and ART, the whole thing is to collaborate to really figure out the whole energy healing picture and be able to put all the different pieces together, because in my view, there is so much to be learned, and so many modalities each have one piece. They are all amazingly affected and one area of… of health healing disease, and when you put them all together and really get a grasp of all different pieces, the healing that can result is truly extraordinary, so what I have tried to do with my work is put the pieces together, and I have done so by collaborating with other healers and learning what did they do. What have I gotten? What piece are they filling into that place? And so now, Urja Space is a place where we can all collaborate and learn from each other and each of us become forces to be reckoned with in terms of knowledge and abilities and just… Just amplifying everyone’s strengths because we are working together, and that is something I really really want to see with this site, is to see more collaboration, more working together, more sharing our undertsandings, our visions, and broadening everyone’s horizons, so, um… yeah. I am thrilled and delighted to have you all here and to have everybody um… start working together.

Christine: That’s very beautiful, thank you. We met about a year ago. This is kind of fun since our year anniversary we were interviewing entrepreneurs just looking for soul-led entrepreneurs and someone said “you’ve gotta speak to Renu” and it’s been so great just being in and around her community this past year and how you don’t have to suffer emotionally or whatever the hard things have been, there are people who can help you to alleviate that and it doesn’t have to take a long time. We are on best dealers, we don’t heal you, you do that work yourself. We are just those guides to help you and it’s very beautiful, so if you, yourself are watching this and you’re like, “great, I’d love to be involved, then we invite you to create a profile or if you know other coaches, healers, anyone who might be a mystic or psychic abilities, we all have them, we just were never taught how to develop them. Or someone you know personally who is helping others to get ahead, you know they have a really solid heart and are here for the collective, then we’d love to be introduced to them or you can share this site with them and they can create. So, we’re going to go into a demo in a little bit, this really is the beginning page here, thank you Neurocrew for being our, our, holding us in the background there. So “Urja.Space” is how you say that. Urja is a Hindi word and it means “energy” which is very beautiful, so we’re all here in this energy marketplace regarding like whatever your magic is or whatever you love to do to help people, you are welcome, and you are welcome in our space, it’s a safe space. And you can, so, create a profile, you can create a community if you’ve already been doing that on other platforms, one that starts with “F”, you can come over here as we offer the same, or you can sell things in the marketplace and we’ll have a demo a little bit later. So what we’re going to do right now is… I just want to invite you, today is winter solstice, and for those that are not aware, it is the longest night of the year tonight, and basically we’re going to be moving into more daylight as each day moves towards summer, then the days are starting to get longer now. We’ve come over that bridge so to speak, of the light getting longer and longer and in our days and it’s very beautiful, I mean, it’s a great time to be alive right now. The last few months have been the darkest night and days, or nights, I guess, and there has been a lot of people healing and releasing old stuff that doesn’t serve you anymore, and now you can come… I just feel everyone can take a collective sigh and be like, “okay, it’s wintertime right now, the energy of the bear to hibernate… what are you bringing into 2022?” So if you’re watching this live, you can pop in the chat or if you’re watching the replay, “what is your word for 2022?” you know, something, what is your intention for yourself and the things you want to create that you want to bring in? Maybe it’s balance, maybe it’s love… self-love can be one of them. Maybe it’s collaboration, maybe it’s connection. For me, it’s gonna be connection, right? How to connect with people. We’ve learnt how to disconnect from ourselves and from others, so it’s coming back. Maybe you’re going to be… “restored” is your word and it’s restoring the peace inside your heart and that will come out in all areas of your life as well. So whatever that word is, “expansion” is very good and I love that, absolutely, even just think of today. We’ve been in this time of, like, constriction, and now we’re coming into expansion, and what are you bringing in? Harmony, balance, kindness? I love that. These are very good words, keep them coming. And so, right on that, today, if you feel called, or when you, when you watch this, light a candle and think about that word and what are the things you want to bring in? What are maybe some new things that you want to birth this year, and what are some things that, it’s time to let go? There’s no more energetic connection for you, it’s like hard work to do the things? That’s not how we build and grow. If, you know, release the things that don’t feel good, and then  that leaves you open for expansion, right? And definitely more compassion, thank you Jacquiline. And so, if you want, and you’re live here, you can put what winter solstice means to you, that’s very great… Uh, it’s really just a time I feel that we are coming back home to nature. We are coming back home to mother Earth. We are meant to be in sync with the cycles of mother nature, and so, you know, just for the winter solstice, that time of really getting quiet over the next couple of months, and what are… what are you bringing into the world? What is it that your own intuition can come down and we get that through stillness. And some of us are afraid to be still, and that’s okay, but you can find ways to slowly begin to release that, to be able to come into that hard space, and really connect with yourself, cause that’s when those things are going to start to come in. Or maybe you’re, you know, in the middle of some deeper spiritual awakening and things are happening. You’re getting messages, your intuition is coming in stronger or the clairs, clair stengi, clair audi and all of those ones where you’re just, you’re hearing things, or it’s just coming in and you’re like, “wow how did I know that”, or “ I didn’t, I wasn’t able to do that before”. That’s so beautiful, right? And we can really fully focus on as we’re getting ready to welcome in a brand new year, what went well for 2021? What were all the gifts that 2021 brought you? We know there were some uncomfortable parts too and those are gifts as well. The yin and the yang, right? The welcoming, the shadow and the light, it all serves a purpose in our lives, and now we don’t need to run from the shadow pieces. There is so much knowledge and information out there on how to unhook ourselves from that old programming which is really great so we can stand stronger, we can be more confident, we are united together, this is really about collaboration. That’s another good word for 2022, is, we’ve come out of the, you know, the competition in business, and we’re really moving into collaboration and everyone has their own piece of the puzzle or their own special magic, and we can all bring that together, and our sound, our music, our song is brighter and louder to help those who are just looking for some direction and some light in this world, because things have been really heavy. So just really a beautiful time, a beautiful day to reveal this, um, amazing website and community we’re building, thank you so much to Neurocrew, we thought of having it today and at 11 am, we are getting ready, you know, the winter solstic is here and so we have asked Blashken to come today to share in a meditation for us and she is a beautiful healer from Kitchner, Ontario, where I’m from as well, and Renu is from Mississauga, Virginia is from Brantford, so we’re all local to southern Ontario, which is really, really special, and Kate is here in Kitchner as well, so, for, for Blashka, meeting her, and a part of, there’s a group of us, of energy healers, and we’re meeting every couple of weeks which is, I can’t tell you that, how beautiful it is to meet other people who are just like us, we speak the same language, you know, it’s just this, this deeper sense of community and I really recommend or invite anyone who’s watching to meet with other people who are close to you, start setting up, whether it’s meditation or once a week or once a month events, something where you’re coming together in community and you can actually feel each other’s energies in-person versus over Zoom is way different, and so, that can be something, you know,  for 2022, is look for people around you, find the leaders, they’re there, and really just, you know, call that in. 

Blashka (?): Thank you Christie so much, please if anyone’s interested, we have winter solstice healing circle tonight at 7 pm by the open mind centre and we are excited, it’s going to be fun. 

Christine: Awesome, so tell us a little about what it is that you do Blashka and then we’ll, I’ll give you the floor then for the meditation 

Blashka: Thank you, so I am a holistic allergy, so I help people who have digestive issues or skin problems… I help also pets with the same issues with allergies and I’m also an energy healer, I help people with emotions limiting beliefs, I also teach a course to become an intuitive healer, so we cover all the areas as uh, Renu said, it is all puzzle pieces, so we have to, you know, touch every part of your beingness from spiritual, mental, physical, biochemical, emotional states, so that’s the fun part, being like a detective, finding out what is behind the issues, yeah, and then balance it.

Christine: Yeah, right, so good, but those who are going to listen to the meditation, you know, the ones who are on the call here, we really believe that we are souls here having a human experience and so that invites multidimensional language of we move between the different dimensions and Blashka is going to speak about the new world we’re creating. We don’t want the old world the way that it was; so much hustle and grind… We’re really moving into this beautiful space of safe feminine energy, safe masculine energy, and, and really pulling that together, so thank you so much Blashka, we appreciate you, and as this picture here with the bear is even as you’re going into the meditation, you could imagine being hugged by bear energy right now the winter and hibernation, right, and, and, what we’re, we’re calling in and creating. 

Blashka: That’s very pretty, a picture, um, my spirit animal was a tiger bear so it’s really cool. The strength we all need. So, um, today because it’s the winter solstice, um, the beginning of a new season, um, there was an idea to connect all over the world at 11 am, so, not only us as here, but many people from different countries are bringing this intention together today to connect with our intergalactic, uh, multidimensional parts of us and intergalactic beings out there to help us with our ascension, so it’s for those of you who believe that in this huge space, a universe, we cannot be in galaxies, we cannot be the only ones, and so we are trying to connect with the 9th dimensional Arcturians and Pleiadians and Hathras to give them permission because of our free will will on Earth, it has to be a certain percentage of people to ask for this help and allow them to come and help us with our own ascension because they already went through it and with the situation on Earth, so if it’s something that speaks to you, I’d like to do this meditation to connect, but there’s also a message that I would like to share from the Arcturians that said, they say this to humanity: “We have so much compassion for humanity and for how challenging this particular lifetime has been for you. We want you to know that we are working with you who are awakened to make the right easier. In your evolution, you have to get quiet and listen to what’s going on inside of you, and the 9th dimension is not out there somewhere far far away in the heavens. The 9th dimension is within you, as are all dimensions, so as we offer our help, do not think for a second that it is because we are looking down upon you or that we feel you must need our help to get the ascension moving along. We just want to show you the easier way to get there, to where you are inevitably going, and that easier way is always to choose the path of love, the path of forgiveness, and the path of compassion. It is the path of letting go that gets you to the 5th dimension with the greatest amount of joy and ease. We are the Arcturian council and here we have enjoyed connecting with you.” So that’s a beautiful message that they’re already helping and maybe we can invite them to, um, be here more for all of us and help people to wake up. So I’d like to ask you if you want to close your eyes, so that you go within, and take nice, three deep breaths. Each breath connects you to your body’s wisdom, the innate, and your higher self. Now bring your attention to your heart, so from your mind, imagine going down to the centre of your heart chakra, and feel your heart chakra opening. Open this chakra to really send love and light that you are, like a beam towards the sun. We are all connecting our beams today, through the sun. On this wave of love and light, send the intention to connect, with loving, benevolent beings, our brothers and sisters, as we are or the star children, and they are our family. Ask Pleidians, Arcturians, Hathas, and other high vibrational, loving beings to help us with our ascension, with the situation on Earth. To help us find peace, freedom, love for one another, oneness, compassion, so the darkness of this world dissipates for once and for all. To bring so much light to Earth and our hearts that there will be no room for greed, need to control, anger, and other lower vibration emotions. That we all wake up and see who we truly are. That we are all one. All connected. And with that comes compassion. In such a world, no one would harm another as she or he would be harming himself. Let there be light. No darkness. Only light. Only divine. So let’s go and create heaven on Earth. It’s within each of us. It starts with you. You influence thousands of other people the way you vibrate. We can do this and it starts now inside each of us. We ask and pray for all beings to wake up and realise their own divinity. Then we create a new world. So we asking for help to the unconditioned love the source energy directly or through our ascended friends to our own  higher selves and our loving and wise hearts. So be it. So imagine connecting with these beautiful beings, all it takes is your intention, your asking, and imagine what this connection would do through our own hearts and their help, and as Christine said, “what will you bring forward to this new world? What are you imagining, creating, with your intention?”. And picture us already living that world, where we see each other as brothers and sisters and we love each other and are connected to the nature living in symbiosis helping nature and nature nourishing us in return. How we can communicate with animals around and live in this perfect harmony and peace. But knowing who you are, that you are divine part of the source energy and that there is nothing you have to become, nothing you really have to do to be worthy. You already are worthy. You already are the light and love. So see yourself in this new world, completely free in a loving, beautiful way of being, having fun and dancing, helping each other, being there for each other. So let’s show the intergalactic beings what do we want to create here. 


Blashka: Whatever you are picturing is becoming reality for us. It already is. And you can feel it today, you can live as if you already in the new world, you can be happy and, and loving yourself and feeling worthy and dense and enjoy the sunshine outside today, knowing you are perfectly safe and free because freedom is inside of you. No one can take that feeling from you. So live your new world starting now, because when you are in this vibration, you influence millions of people through the collective consciousness. Become the harbour, the lighthouse that shows the way. Your reality is what you make it. That how it is, so in this special day of the winter solstice, let go of all that you don’t need anymore. Let go of the past and just be in the now moment, and as your heart is opened and you feel how we are all connected at this moment all over the world, just feel how it is exciting and how it is beautiful to feel the love and joy of others, that we can get together without knowing each other, without being so, you know, close to each other so even the distance doesn’t make any difference and we can all connect as one, with one intention; with creating the new worlds together. How powerful is that? So think of what will you do today, what will you do for yourself today so that you can taste this new world and be happy? You can bring your hand on your heart if you wish and just say, “I am worthy, I love myself, and I am doing, going to do something very special for me today, whether it’s laughing or dancing or enjoying a nature’s walk”, because that’s where it starts; it starts within. The whole universe is within you. Thank you for cocreating and thank you for connecting and helping invite our benevolent friends and family to help us and to speed up or help to make this ascension, as they say, an easy right, where we can just have fun with it. And I just wanted to mention that, um, I have had the privilege that the pledians showed up twice already in my sessions with my friends and the energy that they brought was absolutely amazing and my friend said that it felt like our cells were taken apart and rebuilt in a crystalline form so it helps our body to hold more light. So they are there, they’re ready, just ask. That’s all we have to do, so hopefully you have fun with those beings coming and thank you for being here.

Christine: Thank you, thank you so much, that was so beautiful, really appreciate you, I had goosebumps. Yeah, thank you for being the expression of love that you are and uh, yeah, that was very beautiful.

Blashka: Thank you

Christine: You’re getting thank you’s in the chat too, yes, so good. All right, so, we are going to switch now to a little demo, um, about Urja.Space, and then Angela Saini is going to do a little mini concert for us. After that, I’ll do a grounding just to ground in the space and anyone who is on the call, and uh, we pulled the card which would be really exciting so we’ll end with that. Yeah, thank you so much, Blashka. All right, so let’s do the site, let’s have a look at the demo. Renu, before we get started, is there anything that you’d like to add at this moment?

Renu: Uh, add to, uh like we’re going to 

Christine: How was your meditation?

Renu: Sorry? Oh, no, the meditation was beautiful, thank you so much for, for doing that, it was lovely, um, yeah. I just wanted to, before we go into, before we go into the demo, because I just have to say a few words about this site, um so, Kate and I, so I met Kate, um, several months ago now more like six or seven months ago, and um, so, she and I discussed, I wanted, I was looking for a place for my practitioners to get together to be able to meet, create, practise rooms, um, and collaborate, but I wanted it outside of Facebook because not everyone wants to be on Facebook and there’s lots of good reasons for that so I wanted it to be a, a, a private community that didn’t force you to go into um, into another site, and, so, Kate said she could do that. She could absolutely put something like that together, and I said, “fantastic, please, do this” and she said, “well, you know, you know, while we’re at it, you know, we can add a marketplace, we could, we could, um, uh, you know, make it big, more inviting, have a bunch of groups”, and I went, “great”, meanwhile thinking, “all I want is my little group to get together and I’ll be thrilled”, so she’s a visionary. I actually got to see this site for the first time just a couple of days ago and I’m floored. So I’m going to say right off, it’s all her. She’s, she’s shy, she probably won’t even speak during this, but it’s all her. It’s her vision, and it is exquisite, and I can’t wait for ya’ll to see it, so in public, Kate, I thank you so much. 

Christine: Great intro, love that, yes, we, uh, there’s a beautiful brain behind this site and we’re just so grateful for what she sees, and, uh, she sees in colours and shapes, and she just makes it come alive and it is really beautiful. All right, so we’re ready if you’d like to share your screen

Renu: Christine, you’re going to walk us through this? Okay. 

Christine: So part of this site, just as we’re getting started here, um, is, I want to talk about the global goals and kinda part of the mission behind what Kate stands for. She really is here to help the underdog, for those who didn’t, maybe didn’t have a voice or weren’t able to advocate for themselves, and so she worked for the government which is really incredible, her insight on the inside of that, and even for the UN. The global goals, there are 17 goals of ending, um, hunger and making sure that everyone has access to education, all of those things, and so when people are wanting to be in the space, there is a free portion; you can create a free profile, a community, and all of that. But if you decide to use any part of this marketplace and for free add your things on, then, uh, part of the fees of whatever is sold will be held back and some goes to admin and to paying to keep the site up and running, hiring staff and stuff, but actually a large percentage of this is going to go towards those global goals and being donated. The members are going to be able to vote on, uh, charities that they feel that they would like to have some money donated towards, so this really is a collective space. It’s not just, you know, mainly the four of us who kind of like holding that space and, and, um, being the face, I guess, but really, it’s all of us, we are all a part of it, and uh, that’s really exciting, I love that piece. Do you know, um, more to add about the global goals, just from your conversation with Kate? 

Renu: Um, no, you’ve pretty much, you’ve pretty much covered it. If Kate uh, if you want to add in anything, you can, you’re welcome to, uh, pipe up or uh, pop some notes in the chat for us, but that’s, that’s the.

Christine: I’m going to show the screen and then I’m going to walk through and I’ll just kind of describe what is on this site, um, the three main areas are the profile, the community that you can build, and then, for um, the marketplace. There’s a great question here, “where will the funding go to the charities that are decided by the members?”. So some of it is highlighted by the United Nations as well and, um, which is really cool, like this is gonna be a place that is really seen out there on the world stage because of this part that, uh, Kate had, it’s her part, it’s her heart, it’s her passion to help others and to be able to give back, um so that’s really exciting. 

Renu: Yeah, and in terms of numbers, what I do know, um, she, they’re, Neuromarts is, um, administering the site, and, um, they have committed to having the admin fees, no more than 35% of what comes in, so at least 65% of the, the, the moneys coming in is going to, is gonna go to those, those global, uh, charities, and um, furthering anti-poverty, anti-hunger, like there’s, there’s, the, the, the number of opportunities is pretty extraordinary so that’s why we’re going to need members, members, to um, determine what projects we want to fund that we’re drawn to. 

Christine: Mhm, awesome, yeah, so if you have a charity or something in mind that, uh, you feel would be in alignment with this space and wanting to help others, uh, please feel free, you can message any of us or um, through the site you can send a message to support if there’s something that you’re aware of that, uh, you would like to see money donated to, again, this is all of our space, we are here in that collaboration, yeah, we, we don’t know everything and so, it’s so great to come together because collectively we do, we can make a greater impact. Mhm, cool, so I’m just not sure if there are technical difficulties on the back end… Here we go I think. So to get started, you can go to Urja.Space, and at the top, create, so just create a profile and then once you have your profile, you can add your photo, you can add, um, content, just like you could on other platforms or can on other platforms, and I’ve already checked out 

Renu: Are you sharing your screen? Oh, you’ve got, um, 

Christine: No, I’m on my phone

Renu: On you’re phone, okay, do you want me to? How about I share screen and you do the, yeah, okay that’s good because I believe I am co-host, uh it’s gonna, I’m gonna need a few moments to, um, to call that up. Uh okay, so give me a second, I’m gonna go ahead and go to 

Renu pulls up her screen

Christine: Good stuff, so there at the top, you’ll be able to create, uh, Renu already has her profile but in the top right corner, yup, glad you’re logged in, so this is what it looks like logged in is that you’ll have your profile there and then in that top right corner, um, there’s a spot there for private messaging, there is notifications, you can see what’s in your cart, remember, very similar to that Etsi feel and then you’ll be able to connect all of your, your business or the things that you have, um, that are in there and there will be free gifts, so what I would recommend, and this is for all those who are healers, coaches, those who have business is to create some kind of a, a video for yourself, so 60 minute, 90 minute that is just showcasing you. It’s kind of like your commercial, and there is a teaching point to it because there will be an opportunity for us to have free content that we can help people, those who maybe don’t have the money to spend on courses they want just yet can still be able to have some information that is going to help them to get ahead. That way it’s inclusive for everyone. There will be paid subscriptions, um, part of it as well, and so that’s all coming. For now we just wanted to really reveal that you can create your own profile of the community and that there’s a marketplace. You can already start uploading things there. So if you want to pop around to the different spots here right now and…

Renu: I can do that. So, let’s see, let’s start with, I mean, like which one’s “timeline”? Oh, okay, that’ll, that goes to my profile which is…

Christine: Right, yeah

Renu: So it’s your personal timeline, what you’ve been doing, um, forums, actually it’s better to go to “groups” first, so you can create, um, there are a lot of groups that have been currently created, we, we’re experimenting a little bit, um, like, I, so we’ve got healing soul school here already, um, we’ve got, um, let me just show you here. Uh, so the accelerated release technique, I’ve already told you I’ve created a group for my community, still working on the background there… Um, now, I’ve also said I’m working on, so private meeting space, so within my own community, um, my practitioners need to practise, so, we have a couple of different practise times where they can meet and get together, so if I was going to…

Christine: And your Zoom link gets embedded in –

Renu: That’s what I just wanted to… We’ve got a regular Tuesday meeting and if you have your own, so I have my own Zoom link, I’m an administrator, I’ve uh, got a link for my practise group. So our group um, there’s a plug-in for your Zoom, and we are set to have all our meetings, um, we, so there’s the invitation there, there’s all that good stuff, here’s the countdown till our next meeting, um, members, anyone who’s joined is gonna get, uh, like, so there’s the meeting link in here, there’s also once about 15 minutes ahead, um, there will be a notification that pops up on the site and an email that goes out to the members themselves if they’re not just poking around the site, so it’s all, it’s all integrated so that you can, you can set up, um, Zoom meetings from within the platform itself, and that’s what I wanted, so I’m like “woo-hoo”, but everything else is a cherry on top!

Christine: She’s taking, she’s taking some of the, the hats of like sending your, your Zoom link, or, you know, some of the administration costs is already embedded in there automatically. You don’t have to remember. It’s going to be done automatically from the back end which is so beautiful.

Renu: Yeah, so you can have your members join, so we’ve got, um, the members are already in there, and when you create your group, so there’s a feature within a group creation which allows you to create a forum, so a discussion, uh, um, so a separate area where you can, where you can have discussions, so that is why I wanted to go to forums after groups. So, within, so my ART communities, so anyone who’s part of ART can now be part of a discussion within the forum itself, so if I pop in here, again, that’s private, um, you can, you can start a discussion. So, “new discussion”, and um, so, yeah, so that’s how it works, so the way I’ve envisioned it is, many smaller groups, so, so, this is going to be a community of many communities, but you can, there, there’s space for you to discover all the other places where you can potentially want to, uh, explore, and integrate, and learn from. You’ll, you’ll get to speak with other, like, there’s the marketplace, so you’ll, you’ll have ways and opportunities to interact with other members and, and decide is that like, is that a community that I’d like to be a part of? You, you network with them, start to get to know them and then, and then they’ll invite you to their communities, so it’s, I’m, I’m so excited you have no idea! Um, and there’s obviously the “messages” feature as well, um, so you can, you can send to send messages to um the people you’re connected to. There’s an “e-market”, so I haven’t, uh, so this is where you can set up your own store, uh, Kate has uh, has uh, put in a spot for, for getting my um, book, I’m giving a pretty, a pdf, uh, Healing Soul School has already put up a, uh, an offer for uh, there, so we’re, we’re, you can see we’re testing it out, we’re putting things on the site so people can get an idea and feel for how it works and, and you can just envision us with all, with all the tables, with all the little stalls and you can, you can dive through and see what’s out there. What people, what people have to share  with the community, um.

Christine: And that’s, that’s connected to your strength, through the-

Renu: Yes, so that’s the, the payment processors is Stripe, and um, yeah, so you’ll, uh, I think we’ll have to, there’s, we’ll, we’ll sort out that, the, those details I don’t fully understand because there will be something in terms of the, the management fees, right, so, something along that because we, we’re going to take in the payments and, and, um, and that’s how, uh, that’s how the percentage is deducted but you get that sent you, but again, I’ll uh, um, I’ll have to, again, that’s that those are details I don’t fully, fully get at the moment, but they’ll all be flushed out very, very shortly. So “become a vendor” and from there you can, uh, you can figure out how to, how to get-

Christine: There will be more of a “how-to” video coming out

Renu: Oh, absolutely! This is the soft lunch so, right now we’re just encouraging everybody to, to make a profile, poke around, and, and sit back and watch it grow and watch how all the, all the pieces are going to fall into place, um, this is, this is the ground floor. 

Christine: Mhm, so exciting. Okay, so if you have any questions, let us know, um, we are running really well on time, a little bit early, and um- 

Renu: I can stop the share. Um, if there’s any questions, if I can answer them, we can try to answer them. Does anybody have any questions? So far so good

Christine: If you do, pop them in the chat, um Renu – 

Renu: Jacqueline, were you about to say something?

Jacqueline: I said uh well what are the Stripe fees or is that, is that already sorted out by, when we get a, get a, when we earn money or like when it goes that, when the payment goes out, are you guys, that’s already included in the administration fees and stuff like that?

Renu: Yeah, I think if I’ve got it correct, um, all the fees and Kate, you’ll correct me if I’ve mistaken something, all the fees will like, including the payment processing fees I think, um – 

Christine: 7% plus the processing

Renu: 7% including the merchant services

Christine: Plus. Sorry plus

Renu: Oh plus. So payment process, oh, payment processors, that’s 3.5? Yeah I got to see what we can negotiate if we can make that better. Yeah, so it’s I guess it’s I guess that makes it 10 total? 10% total? 7 and 3.5 or something, something in that range? 

Christine: Yeah

Renu: Yeah we wanted it to be, I think um, I know uh, Kate was working on it being less than Etsi, um, but again, I, I, we’re going to make it fair. We’re, we’re, we’re more interested in having um, everyone on the site than making lots of money. The extra money goes to the charity so it’s, we’re, we’re gonna figure it out, we’re not, we’re not doing this to become billionaires.

Christine: We’re here to build the collective.

Renu: Yeah

Christine: Absolutely. Cool, any last things before we come we have a little music concert 

Renu: All right! Yes!

Christine: All right, cool, let me uh, let me introduce Angela Saini. Her and I, we met, Virginia and I meet her in a spiritual mastermind that we were part of this year, Thrive 365, and her music is so beautiful. AngelaSaini.com, we’ll pop that in the chat so you have it um as well, and uh, her songs are really beautiful, her, she sings conscious songs, you know? About what’s going on in your heart and in the world and how to connect to a greater power back to ourselves. Soul music, I would say and uh, she’s gonna sing three songs today for us. So grateful. First one is “Living on the Bright Side”. We’re gonna pop up the lyrics as well cause I really just want you to take in, like take in the music and the sound healing that this can be for you and really just connecting to the, the lyrics. The second song is “All About Black Sheep”, and I feel that’s many of us where we haven’t felt like we fit in in the world or in our families or now as we’re coming out of this spiritual closet for many of us is, you know, really just, really being okay with being different. And then, a beautiful Giatri mantra, and she can explain more what that is, uh and so, um, Angela has courses, she helps people with connecting to music and to their songwriting and so please connect with her on her website, support her music, follow her on social media as well just as a way to lift her up and uh, we are just really grateful that she is in our community, so welcome Angela, how are you? 

Angela: I’m great, thank you Christine, what a nice introduction, thanks for having me today!

Christine: Yeah, thank you, and so lovely that you’re also local to us in a way in Toronto, very cool, and uh –

Angela: Yeah, no I’m in, what a beautiful launch, I mean it’s, I’m happy to be part of it and thanks for picking these songs, I’m like happy to perform for you today on the solstice right, beautiful day

Christine: Whenever I need a pickup, this is you, I come to your website like my phone, I just have to tap “new tab” and it’s already there which is really beautiful, um so I, I strongly recommend everyone have a listen not just to the music of her album, but really listen to the words. It’s really beautiful and it’s a way to connect you back to yourself and I love that. So if it’s okay, if you want to do a little intro of who you are, uh, it’s better when it comes from you too, and feel free to, to start the music and thank you so much for being here.

Angela: Amazing, thank you! Uh, I can see that we have “Black Sheep” on the screen, just so we know it because I, I’ll probably, I mean I can play whatever you like but –

Christine: You know what? Yeah, whatever, we’ll, we’ll go with the flow. This looks good, I actually like this song better.

Angela: Let’s go with the flow, I see Black Sheep because of course we’ll, uh, we’ll start with that song then, great

Christine: Yeah-

Angela: Um so I’m Angela Saini and uh, I’m an artist singer-songewriter based on Toronto. I’m originally from Calgary but I’ve been performing and writing songs for um, over 20 years, and uh, I used to play in a rock band and now I do more of a folk-pop Americana sound, but I’ve really uh come to, come into my own in the last, um, year and a half or so and really um, helping people heal through music. It’s definitely healed me and I- you might have heard some of my music, um, you know on CBC radio or Sirius XM. If we’re going to start out with Black Sheep, I’ll get myself set up for that and um, you might have heard this song on Sirius XM, um I’ve had quite the journey, um, as an artist, as a performer, you can hear the guitar okay, just give me heads up, uh, in case you can’t but I think I did a soundtrack okay, um, so I’ve been writing songs a long time. I’ve toured around Europe and Canada and um, really coming into helping other people empower themselves through creativity… Um, I teach songwriting and, and mentor others in their own creativity because I do feel that is a really great way to heal and its certainly helped me, so… um, I’m going to start with “Black Sheep”. So this song is uh, a song all about not giving a rip when anybody else thinks and I think that uh, this community here can certainly relate to that, uh, and uh, here we go, this is black sheep.

Angela plays and sings: No one wants to sleep, you’re up all night, you go left when they say turn right. That little naggin voice it seems, not loud enough to drown out your big dreams. When the box is too small, rise above it all. Black sheep, jumping the fence, don’t need to count somebody’s two cents, stand up, just be yourself, you’re better at that than anyone else. High heels, tennis shoes, moccasins, or cowboy boots, as long as it feels good to you. The blueprints in your mind are set, even if you think you’re not ready yet. Your ducks are all in a row, if you don’t pull the trigger you’ll never know. Rules are made to break, don’t be afraid to be a black sheep, jumping the fence, don’t need to count somebody’s two cents, stand up, just be yourself, you’re better at that than anyone else. High heels, tennis shoes, moccasins, or cowboy boots, as long as it feels good to you. Turn the tv off don’t you know it stops you from seeing your own lights. It can’t be wrong if it feels right. So be a black sheep, be a bla-bla-bla-blab, bla-bla-bla-blab, bla-bla-bla-blab, Black sheep, jumping the fence, don’t need to count somebody’s two cents, stand up, just be yourself, you’re better at that than anyone else. High heels, tennis shoes, moccasins, or cowboy boots, as long as it feels good to you. As long as it feels good to you. Oh as long as it feels good to youuuuu.

So that’s a song all about, you know, living in your own light and shining your own light and being yourself and being authentic, living your truth, and uh, that song really does speak to you, being empowered and, and, confident in who you are and uh, I’m so glad to have shared that with you. So I guess I will play, uh, “Living on the Bright Side” next if we’re going to pop up those lyrics… thanks for getting that ready Christine, um, it’s just so nice when you can really, if you’ve never heard my music before, it’s all kind of new to you so having the lyrics there I’m sure is very, very helpful and I appreciate that to in case I forget any words, they’re right there. Yeah, we got it, okay, cool. So, um, this song actually has a bit of a sing-along part and, uh, something that I really adhere to and also teach is the power of the voice, and um, not just you know, pretty singing voice, but the power of expression, so I can’t think of a better time to invite you to sing-along, I’ll tell you where it is, you’ll know, um, and I sing like nobody’s listening, cause well, you’re probably, well, we’re here on Zoom so, um, no one probably is listening so feel free to sing along and uh, this song is a great combination of healing because I wrote this during a really rough time in my life, uh, it was during an ice storm here, those of us here in southern Ontario will really understand this. My tour van had died, I hadn’t seen the sun in like 6 weeks and then the power went out and so this song came out and it’s certainly my own mantra in life which is “Living on the Bright Side”. 

Song 2: Living on the Bright Side

I’ve never owned a poncho

Whenever it rains, I only see a rainbow

Splashing through the puddles, knowing that’s how green grass grows

Only sun comes through my window

It’s cold and the car won’t start

Must be a great day for a walk

I’m living on the bright side

I’m living on the bright side

It’s all a state of mind

I’m living on the bright side

It’s my state of mind

When a bulb burns out I see

Even in the dark, it feels sunny to me

Skipping in the shadows, every corner holds beauty

There is always light if you look closely

My train home is three hours late

Guess there’s time for another piece of cake

(I like chocolate)

I’m living on the bright side

I’m living on the bright side

It’s all a state of mind

I’m living on the bright side

Poison tastes so good on my tongue

Enjoying life, I’ve got only one

I’m living on the bright side

I’m living on the bright side

It’s all a state of mind

I’m living on the bright side

I’m living on the bright side

I’m living on the bright side

Awesome, I love it, thank you for putting it in the chat, everyone singing along living on the bright side and I can’t think of a better day to uh sing a song like that when we’re all celebrating the light on the shortest day of the year. I hope you enjoyed that one so thank you for having me, again. I can’t wait to set up my profile on the website and I am working on a new program that I will be launching in 2022. Um, you know, helping people express themselves and find their creativity, and uh, use their voice and their songwriting skills because we all are creative people and sometimes we just need someone to give, give us a little nudge. Um, so I’m Angela Saini, thank you for having me, I’m gonna leave you with uh the Gayatri mantra. Now, a little bit about this one, um, some of you might have heard this, I’m actually uh half-Indian so my dad is from Dehli and Saini is actually a Punjabi last name, so, um, I didn’t grow up learning or knowing Sanskirt like, uh, you know, in the Gayatri mantra, but my dad actually knew this mantra and like Christine mentioned, where we met, and Virginia too, um, in Thrive 365 which um, was how I learned about the Gayitri mantra and so when I mentioned it to my dad, he was like “oh yeah, we, you know, traditionally you sing it in the morning as a form of healing and devotion and finding the divinity in yourself for sure, and I sell some friends that sing in every day that tell me that, so it was cool, um took me about a week to memorise the Sanskrit words, and great, they’re on the screen, um, and this is going to be the Angelified version of the Gayitri mantra

Renu: Angela, I’m just curious, before you sing with them, what would be the English version, or like what do the words mean, or the mantra?

Angela: So yeah, you can look up the translation, um it’s very, from what I, and of course I have to paraphrase for right now, but um, it’s very, um, connecting with the oneness of all things, um, and obviously, um, the Gayitri mantra is from one of the Gitas I believe. It’s obviously this sacred text and it’s a form of devotion to the, to the divine, but it does focus on oneness and is sung as a form of devotion for sure, um, in, in tradition, but I think the biggest thing, at least the way my dad explained to to me, it’s a celebration of life, which is why you usually sing it in the morning, um, and also… There are, there are actually different translations because I looked into it, um, you know, like anything, there’s little bit of different transit, translations, but for me, I think the biggest thing and what the audience here can maybe take away from it is that form of healing and that’s how I feel when I sing it. Um, it’s that connecting with, you know, that we’re all one with that oneness, but also like taking it in and… and… and… healing from the, the words, and obviously when I sing it, it’s something that’s healing for me. Um, so I hope that sort of answers, answers your question. You can look up the translation, like verbatim from the words that you see on your screen because obviously that’s the english, englishified sanskrit words and um, its quite, um, intricate actually, what the words actually mean, but that’s sort of a general overview, I hope that was helpful. Yeah, cool, okay, awesome, yeah so, if, the words, like I said, it took me about a week to memorise this so, um, if you don’t want to sing along, that’s cool. I have uh, like I said, it’s uh, sort of like a angelified version of it… So sit back and receive if that’s the best way to uh, you know, take it in. It is definitely, for me a form of healing and celebration of life, which is why we’re all here

Om bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥ

tat savitur vareṇyaṃ

bhargo devasya dhīmahi

dhiyo yo naḥ prachodayāt

I hope you enjoyed that. I hope to record that version soon actually, but in the meantime, thanks for listening. You can find me on Spotify and Youtube and all of that fun stuff if you enjoyed some of my music, so thank you for that. That was so beautiful to share in that 

Christine: Awesome, thank you, thank you, we feel one! Lots of beautiful messages and hearts in the, in the chat for you, thank you so much for your music and your, your gift of music really through that sound healing and we look forward to connected with you more definitely. Uh, we’re gonna wrap up shortly, thanks Angela

Angela: Thank you

Christine: Yeah, you’re welcome. Um, actually do you want to mention, you do have a Facebook group if you want to mention that too.

Angela: Oh yeah! I do have this new Living on the Bright Side private Facebook group where, um, I do like to share some, uh, positive messages, and mantras, and you know, quotes of the day and things like that and if you want to stay in touch with me, with my music and my new album that I’ll be making come the new year, it’s Angela Sainy, which is my artist name and my name which is also on Facebook, so thank you.

Christine: Yeah, and then of course you are welcome to create a community on Urja.Space and uh-

Angela: Oh I’ll be there, I’ll see you there 

Christine: Beautiful messages. Yeah, awesome. Alright, so we are going to wrap up a couple last things. Thank you so much everyone for being here today. I would like to do just a very quick grounding for those who are here, so um, anyone who’s looking for some base shock or love, this will help you as well, and um, before I do that, my mum pulled a card today and um, it’s really beautiful, it’s from the light workers deck and it’s um, share your path… Or sorry, trust your path, and share it. So it says “if you knew you could be supported, what would you do?”. And that is such a beautiful card because this is really a space of “you are supported”. We all are here in collaboration and community and in an online marketplace for the healing arts community, so we just say welcome, what a beautiful card to really just bring in this beautiful time for us and, and being able to come together after the website and the marketplace and all of the neat things that will happen through that, so I thought that was really appropriate for today, so thank you. Um, so if you are comfortable and you would like to close your eyes, I’m going to do a very simple grounding and if you would like to put your hand on your belly and on your heart. Many healers have a fear of being seen and so one of the, the mantras for this, it will be, “I am safe to be seen”, thanks for showing that card, yeah, so beautiful. Whatever your vision is for 2022, you are supported. If you want to be in our community, we will support you and show you how to bring that to fruition which is really great. It’s going to be a lot of new things birth this year, I feel it. And so for today to wrap up this winter solstice, um… ceremony here, I’ll call it, it’s a way to close in and just all of the beautiful gifts that were shared today, uh including the website is really just like come into your heartspace, let this be where you communicate from over the holidays and also into the years that follow, um, down from our, our mouths, and just really into that heart, into the solar plexus of your identity of who you really they’re remembering, right, as the soul and uh, on, with your hand on your belly and you can come back here anytime, especially over dinner if you’re feeling a little bit of a wave, uh just say, “I am safe”, you know, let that be your base chakra mantra if you need it. And we pop up all over the place depending on what’s going on around us. So “I am safe” and if you want to go even further if you’re in business, “I am safe to be seen”, and uh, allow that to be your mantra if you’d like as we do the grounding. So with your eyes closed, just come down into your deeper belly breathing, taking three deep breaths and really just come into that calm, relaxed state… that juicy state that Virginia talks about and you can repeat the mantra, and as I’m going through the grounding, just stay, stay present and just focus on your breath, and I’ll say some words here to ground us all, so you can imagine that you are in a pyramid. I really like the pyramid, we learned that at Thrive to uh, really just bring in the energy and uh, it also helps the immune system, so in your own pyramid you can be sitting on the floor or you could be floating or whatever feels good to you or laying down and just make it big enough that there’s room to move around in there. Imagine from the bottom of your feet that you have roots that are grounded. They’re really thick and they’re grounding you to mother Earth. Let those roots go down into the ground into the centre, into the crystalline centre. Wrap those roots around three times, lets say, so you just feel really grounded and connected to mother Earth, then bring those roots right back up into your heartspace. Just take a deep breath here, and for a moment, just receive. Receive mother Earth’s love for you and feel connected. Feel held, like a child would be held in their mother’s arms. Just feel that, feel that from mother Earth, from nature, from all that supports you. And from the bottom of your pyramid, just imagine that there are roots from the bottom of your pyramid and those are also grounded into mother Earth. You are not alone, you have a support system whether its here on Earth through us if you’re, if you’re wanting to be connected with us or those who are also around you, those in your community, but you’re also connected to the spirit realm and to your spirit team, so just feel connected through the roots, the bottom of your pyramid. Its, it cannot shake like you are so grounded, you are so supported, supported in love, time, money, energy, feminine/masculine energy, the divine mother/father. Just feel that love and support. And from the top of your pyramid, we’re going to bring in the solar light. The, the sun, so imagine a ray of sunshine is coming in through the top of the pyramid and just feel that on your face. Feel the warmth of the sun. Just warming you up. Just like those beautiful songs that were sung earlier, that loving meditation. Just feel the love from the sun, from father sky and being connected. Just how that feels to be swaddled by the universe. To be, to be connected to a system that’s bigger than you, a power that’s bigger than you, to energy, to the quantum field. Just feel that. Feel that you are here for a very special reason. There… there’s a 1 in 400,000 chance of you being here, um, and being born, so there is that special gift in you, and we’re so grateful that you’re here. I’m gonna ask for another light to come in from the top of your pyramid and this is your soul self. If you have had some kind of things happen where there was pain or constriction and you left your body, we’re going to bring back your soul self into your heart, feel reconnected with your soul self. This is new to you and you’ve never done that. Just take a few deep breaths here and just really connect what it’s like to be connected. Your higher self, your soul self. You’re the divine. You are god in body form. And just feel what that’s like. So now, as you communicate, as you look out through the world, as you’re using all of your senses including the sixth sense,it’s really just feel connected that it’s not just you doing that. You are not alone, that your higher self is there with you as well. Your soul self. And feel and remember what that’s like to be connected. So allow that warmth of that to, to warm all over you. Okay, and just imagine all of us are in a circle together. Those of us who are on the live or the replay, just imagine we’re all connected, and then in the centre, we are going to put all of the things we’re going to create in 2022 and we’re also going to put in the middle, Urja.Space. You know, this beautiful collaboration, this marketplace for all of us to come together. We’re going to imagine that it’s on solid ground. That the ground is there, and for your pyramid as well, you’re not floating, you are on solid ground. The Earth, feel her, feel her energy. Feel her pull of her being here to support you, watching for the signs of how things are working out in your favour and what is coming in and that you are supported. And for Urja.Space, we’re going to build the wall like the space is really big. I’m imagining a big huge field so that many, many people can come and feel the nurturing, gentle energy that’s inside. The being able to have things connect for them or healing or ideas or business that is going to be done. This marketplace is a beautiful place of people coming together, this collaboration space, and in the centre of all of our pyramids and then in that space is this beautiful business and you’re all a part. Yes, some of us have created and we’re holding the space as the ones running it, but really, it’s a collective, it’s a safe space for the healing collective, and so you all have a hand in that as well, and we welcome you and we’re so grateful. You have gifts and magic and things to bring to us that we don’t have and we’re very excited to see what that will be, so just feel that the door is always welcome and that there is a place for you and that there is a community. If you feel alone, you don’t need to anymore. We are here. And so, for the bottom of this pyramid as well, for the consciousness of Urja.Space and all of your businesses and creations, we are just going to imagine that there are roots coming from the bottom of that pyramid as well, the business and Urja.Space, right now in particular. Imagine that we all have this hand, like these roots are here and they’re strong and they’re rooted down into mother Earth, for all of us, and anything that is not of the light or for our highest good, then it cannot see us, it cannot reach us. That we have a form of protection, not from fear, but simply from our light energy shining very bright and coming out from us, healing the wounds that needed to be healed and really just standing in our power and who we are as diving beings and just feeling that from a soul level. Reaching out to everyone you’re going to be in contact whether it’s through this space, or, you know, through your own lives of coming from a place of reaching out from your soul. Seeing them as their soul selves as well is going to help to alleviate a lot of the triggers and things that can happen and just really connecting. This is a year and a time of connection. Connection to ourselves, connection to mother Earth and to nature and to the cycles of the Earth that are just perfect for us. And really just connection to others. Others that are in the same frequency or vibration that we are. Our soul family. And connection really to all of us as a collective, releasing any of the fears as a collective and really just shining a bright light and bringing in the beautiful energy of “we are here, we have a mission to help those who have hearts that are looking for help.” They are suffering and we have some of that medicine for them and then they will come and get healed and then they’ll have their own thing that they want to do and it will just continue on. It’s going to be this door of, like, there are spirals, continual creation and we are here for it and it’s really beautiful. And just to wrap up, just thing of the four elements. Think of the fire element, you know, it can, all of the elements can be very gentle and nurturing and they also have a destructive force. We all have that within us as well. And so, for fire being there, burning away anything that’s not serving us and really infusing the, the gentleness, the, as the old things are stripped away or they are burned away or we are refined by fire, new growth comes a new forest which is really beautiful, and so that is really a time that most of us have been in and maybe still are. And then the water, the gentle flowing of, uh, the waters. Okay, just imagine the masculine and feminine energy within you. The river bank is the masculine. It’s the container, even in your body. It’s your, you know, the container, and inside, you know, are the waters within us, and just flow freely your feminine, your safe femininie can flow freely within you. Just imagine, what is it that you want to create or dance or art? Expression, just to call that in. For the air, let’s just call in the element of the air and just really connecting, right? Just blowing out anything that no longer serves or in our homes and just being in this space of being refreshed. Feeling refreshed by this beautiful wind, and the, maybe tunnel storms, or tornadoes of past, is like, just view them. Witness, why was it there? What can you learn from it? And then just feel  like you’re sitting under a beautiful tree and refreshed by a cool summer breeze. Okay, and then that last element of Earth. So beautiful to feel connected to mother Earth. Mother Earth is so perfect; lots of sacred geometry. Look that up if you’ve never heard that before. And it all works in perfect unison; the story of creation, the kundalini energy, the masculine, the feminine. Think of the coils like the fiddleheads and the ferns when they come up. You have that energy within you and so as we are around the space and, you know, just thinking of these elements and calling them in and calling in what our ancestors want to share is just think of the masculine, feminine creation within you and allow that energy to be what flows through you. And so as we wrap up in this beautiful time, like, I just feel like all of our hearts are here singing. When you think of the stars at night, we are made of the stars which is really beautiful, but think of like every time you look at a star, you can imagine there is a golden string that’s coming down, and that’s like us; the collective. The constellations. We are all here together, so if you ever do feel alone, just think of those stars or the rays of sun. We are all here, we are all connected, we are all one, from the beginning of time. And so in this moment, I just invite you to rub your hands together. You can place them on your belly, touching all three chakras if you can, your lower three, and this is just really connecting you, connecting you in security. That you are grounded. That you are meant to be here. To whatever you are goin 

to birth into the world. Your sacral. And, and that expression. Your expression of who you are, your solar plexus, your identity, your personal identity of who you are and think of it like we have kind of, you know, kitten softer energy and we have warrior priestess energy. And so you can call on either one depending on what you are calling forth in your day, and so from that solar plexus, speak from here, let the sun shine through that solar plexus. And it’s almost like wearing a cape, right? Who you be the superhero in your story and just really speak from that place. Rub your hands together please and place them on your heart. This is your healing energy, life force energy that is coming from your hands, and it’s connecting. You can come here anytime. Connect back with yourself. Imagine that from your heart, you can create circles of energy, right? The Taurus field. And you can, from this space, you can rewrite everything. How you speak to yourself and what you want to bring into the world, how you learn to love yourself, and how you love to learn others. It’s a path for sure. We’re all on it and we’re all just walking each other home. And then, one last or two last times, let’s just rub our hands together and just put on your throat. Your throat chakra just really bringing in what are you hear to speak, what is to come out of your voice? Or maybe not even your voice, but an expression in your art or what you know, a way of you expressing what it is that you want to say, whatever that looks like, it’s beautiful, and the collective is ready for it so we can come out of hiding, and whatever had been that goal of yours or something you thought, “oh one day I want to do this”, now is the time, let’s bring that out. It is one of the gifts that the collective is looking for and we are so grateful that you have that. Rub your hands together one last time and just place them over your third eye and your crown, and we’re just calling in your third eye of all-knowing. You do have the answers within you. Your cells remember that information, and so just call on it, and right now, let’s clear the pineal gland. Let’s just set that intention that it’s clear. Universe, source, creator, Pachamama, whatever your comfort word is, just call it in, bring in whatever it is you want, and also opening of the crown. That we are here in a place of love and grace and compassion, and that God, creator, spirit, is from a place of love, and, and expansion, right? And so just imagine now the energy from the top of your head is really going out into the universe and then coming back up through your feet and up through your body, through your legs, back to your heart. Circle that energy when you wake up in the morning. Just imagine, what is your song for today? Are you sending out that “I’m not worthy” or rejection or whatever the old stories are, or are you sending out a new song of expansion and light and what you’re here to create here in the new world. Let that be the way you look up in the morning. Where you’re here to say, “you know what universe, I don’t know how that all works, but this is what I want to have in my life. This is the expression of love that I want to be in the world today, and that is what’s going to go out before you and things will change. People will be like, “wow, something’s different about you”. That’s your inner magic. You know, just let that shine and when you’re ready, you can open your eyes and come back. And I just want to say like today you know, and it’s been a process definitely, but we are birthing a new world and, so we are just really glad that you’re here, we look forward to connecting you on the inside in the marketplace and the um, in the groups and the communities, and if you have any questions, please reach out to us, we’re here to help, and we just are really thankful for your time. We are also, yeah, just so grateful, thank you for being here. Renu, would you like to wrap up with any last comments or thoughts?

Renu: Just to reiterate, thank you so much for being here. It was extraordinary, it was beautiful. Thank you for that awesome meditation grounding, Christine, and, yeah, like I said, poke around, and… and… make a profile, join us, I’m looking forward to seeing everybody on site.