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The Energy Healing Bible

“They are going to think I’m nuts!” Renu Arora was a scientist, an atheist, and a skeptic before discovering energy healing, and this constant refrain repeated in her head as she made one mind-blowing discovery after the next. Consequently, Renu made it her life’s purpose to understand and explain the science behind all she has experienced of the world of energy, from the awe-inspiring, to the fun, to the crazy, the wild and beautiful. To take the “woo woo” out of energy work. The Energy Healing Bible examines such concepts as how the subconscious communicates with us, the Law of Attraction, past and parallel lives, ghosts and other spirits, crystal therapy, inner children, Akashic Records, energy fields, guardian angels, planetary interferences and so much more. With the knowledge amassed in this book, Renu created a healing modality, the Accelerated Release Technique (ART), which she has used to facilitate extraordinary healing for hundreds of individuals over just a few years. Anxiety, depression, pain, hair loss, morning sickness, fears, phobias, limiting beliefs, strained relationships, and difficulty sleeping are just a handful of the problems her clients have overcome through using ART. Do you seek to understand the energy picture? Do you yearn to heal yourself or others? Then The Energy Healing Bible was written for you.

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